Sunday, January 13, 2008

SBInet progress

The Virtual Fence is in hot water. Before we can address our border-jumping-beans, Boeing has to open the network and prove it can catch them.

Boeing has been managing the first task in the program, 28 mile proof-of-concept "Project 28" that is just now nearing "completion".

Boeing is not meeting milestones. It's now about 7 months later than anticipated (was supposed to be done mid-June 2007).

Some are calling for DHS to reject the progress, but can it yet??

They recently awarded Boeing an additional $64 million to develop software for the common-operating-picture... so, hopefully Boeing's cost over-runs were on the physical engineering (moving earth and turning bolts for the towers themselves), and now they're ready to get down to business!

Checking Boeing's website raises questions... 3 different subcontractors for ground sensor radars. 4 different subs providing EO/IR cameras. I don't know what a "microwave digital back-haul system" is, exactly, but if they've got 2 vendors hauling microwaves... maybe Boeing's stove isn't the best way to cook these beans.

What if the DHS had gone with a radar and sensors guru, like Northrop Grumman or Raytheon? Would they have had the tools in-house?

What if they had gone with the communications giant, Ericsson? Could they have netted it all together by now?


Chevy Powered said...

But if they've got 2 vendors hauling microwaves... I could just picture that LOL.

A backhaul is just a link between distant networks or access points. As an example a cell tower has to be linked to the network it operates on so it's fed by a backhaul from the source.

Backhaul links can be fiber optic, copper, rf (which includes microwave, and free space optical just depends on the application and terrain.

Great blog too...